Thursday, 12 November 2015

Ageing and the Brain: What's normal and what's not.

On Sunday 29th November 2015 3 pm, Luton United Synagogue will host a talk by Professor Gary Kupshik  on 'Ageing and the Brain: What's normal and what's not.'

Prof Gary Kupshik is Chief Psychologist for the South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. He has responsibility for Clinical Psychology and Research Governance in Bedford, Luton and South Essex. He has a special interest in assessment and  rehabilitation of brain injury, the appraisal and management of a clinical risk, prediction of therapeutic change and the use of technology as neurobehavioral prostheses. Current research include:

  • Structure of Psychiatric Diagnoses,
  • Prediction of Clinical Outcome Following Severe Acquired Brain Injury,
  • Use of technology as a compensatory cognitive device to minimise  memory and planning failures related to acquired brain injuries,
  • Use of digital technology to appraise cognitive deterioration  in minority communities.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Luton US President reports on Shabbat UK Dinner

Luton United Synagogue hosted its Shabbat UK Friday night dinner on 23 October 2015, writes Laurence Benjamin, President of Luton United Synagogue. The event started with a Friday night service in our synagogue followed by a four course meal, dvar Kodesh and entertainment.

The event was organised largely by our Rebbetzen, Rivkah Schwei, but was ably assisted by members of the Community, who set the Synagogue out for the meals and assisted with serving.

The evening started with candle lighting. Being a small synagogue, it was rather a squeeze for all the men to assemble behind the mechitzah around the bimah for the service, but this all added to the sense of celebration.

The meal was plentiful with fresh salmon starter, soup, chicken and potato kugel followed by a desert. We are very grateful to the Chief Rabbi's office who partially funded the cost of the meal.

Forty two members of the community attended the meal. Claire Agasee gave Dvar Kodesh on the theme of travel and new opportunities - particularly appropriate as one of members with young children were moving to a new home the following week.

The following day there was our usual Shabbat service, which was well-attended. The whole Shabbat was uplifting and gave the community a much welcomed enjoyable gathering.